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Featured Listing: 30 Acres in Madison County – Hunting & Recreation
A view west along the north side fence.

A view west along the north side fence.

Midway, TX – This secluded 30 acres is an ideal retreat for all who enjoy hunting, camping, recreational ATVs, and nature watching. Explore the clearings beneath the shade of towering oaks, visit the pond, and watch for game trails and tracks scattered throughout the woods. The property is fenced along the majority of the boundary lines, and a cleared fencerow allows you to drive a full circuit. Located 2 hours from Houston – come on Friday and stay the weekend! -Reduced!- $2,550/ac.

Please visit this listing online for more details: 30 Acres in Midway, TX – $2,550/ac.

Madison County Hunters – mark your calendars!

  • General Season:  November 6th, 2010 through January 2nd, 2011.

Visit the Texas Parks and Wildlife Dept. website for more details: Madison County Hunting Seasons

You may want to visit this 30 acres before the season is over. Just give me a call! (936)349-7075

30 Wooded Acres in Midway, TX

30 Wooded Acres in Midway, TX


The Madisonville Meteor Newspaper | Madisonville FFA Team
November 23, 2010, 4:21 pm
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The Madisonville Meteor Newspaper

http://www.madisonvillemeteor.com – With a proud history of service since 1894, The Madisonville Meteor features news and events from all across Madison County. It is published in print every Wednesday and can also be read online. Their new website offers several interactive tools for readers who wish to contribute comments, articles, and other media. Take a look!

The Meteor published an article in last Wednesday’s paper about the outstanding performance of the Madisonville FFA Team in District competition. This article followed on the heels of the Madison County Farm Bureau banquet that my wife and I attended in October, where the FFA Ag Issues Forum team held a debate over the proposed Bedias Reservoir. The team did a great job of presenting both sides in an informative and entertaining fashion that kept the audience engaged throughout. The young men and women on the Ag Issues team took 1st place at District and will be advancing to state! Hats off to them for hard work and rewarded effort!

Deer Hunting in Madison or Leon County, TX – Antler Restrictions


Deer Stand in Madisonville, TX

Deer Stand in Madisonville, TX

Deer hunting this weekend in Madison or Leon County? General season opens tomorrow, November 6th, 2010 and continues until January 2nd, 2011. Special Antler Restrictions are in effect. From the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department website:

Special Antler Restrictions do not apply to properties for which Level 2 or Level 3 MLDPs have been issued. For counties with Special Antler Restrictions, a legal buck deer has:

  1. at least one unbranched antler, or
  2. an inside spread of 13 inches or greater. The inside spread requirement does not apply to any buck that has an unbranched antler.

Not more than one buck with an inside spread of 13 inches or greater may be taken.

Click Here to view the Special Antler Restrictions and list of affected counties in Texas on the TPWD website.

Stay safe. Best of luck!

Realtor®, Pathfinder, & Photographer

Today I put up For Sale signs and took photos at a 30 acre wooded property that I have just listed. It features towering mature oak trees, sunlit clearings, fenced boundaries, and evidence of a local deer population – a great place to hunt! When I arrived at the property, I found the entrance a little crowded with branches and underbrush, too narrow to drive through. Opening the back of my truck, I retrieved my machete and went to work. I wrapped an orange flagging tape “bandolier” around me as a visual heads-up to any bow hunters who might be in the area (yes, it’s that time of year). Here’s a photo:

David "Indiana Jones" Companik

David "Indiana Jones" Companik

I truly enjoy my profession. I assist people in meeting important goals: buying a home, selling a home, purchasing rural acreage, etc. To do this requires a knowledge of the local market, agriculture, rural real estate, financing, mathematics, contract law, appraisal standards, taxing authorities, and much more. And if that weren’t fascinating enough already, I get to wield a machete under the shade of Texas oaks and explore our beautiful countryside on foot. Real estate gives me plenty of exercise!

I’ll post photos and property details on my blog soon. Keep an eye out for this ideal hunting retreat within 2 hours of Houston.

Tour of the Madisonville, TX Courthouse Square

Last week I made a brief video tour of the historic courthouse square here in Madisonville, TX. This square will be the location of the upcoming Texas Mushroom Festival on the weekend of Saturday, October 23rd. If you’re looking for a quiet, rural downtown to visit, please stop by and enjoy the local hospitality!

Business owners in Madison County: You can be featured on my blog! If you would like me to record a video tour of your business and a video interview describing your services, please contact me! I will meet you at your business and take some footage (this part takes about 10 minutes); I’ll then upload the video to YouTube and also share it on my blogs at DavidCRealEstate.com, Trulia.com, and ActiveRain.com. Each place your video appears, I’ll include your business contact information: phone number, website, e-mail, etc. I’d like to use these videos to help introduce the folks in Madisonville to our neighbors online who haven’t yet explored our community.

Paved trail completed around Lake Madison
September 17, 2010, 12:42 pm
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Yesterday I went walking with my dog Patti on the new paved trail around Lake Madison here in Madisonville, and I took a short video while there. The city workers did a great job! The new trail is a vast improvement over the dirt trail that preceded it; the old trail would become muddy and impassable after rain storms, and it was generally an uninviting path to take. If you live nearby, be sure to visit the new trail and enjoy the scenic lake views!

To read more about the new trail, follow this link to the Madisonville Meteor’s “More Life in Madison County” page on their website: Click Here – and then scroll to the bottom of the page.

Howdy!… and what are Feral Hogs?

Hello, folks! I’ve been busy of late. I closed a commercial sale on the town square at the end of July and listed a new rural property a week ago, and I’m working on a pending sale and a few contract offers. These top priorities, along with the day-to-day “maintenance” work required in my business, keep me happily occupied.

I showed a 218 acre property in Leon County yesterday; it’s an office listing. The customer was looking at the place as a prospective investment. The Texas goatweed on the red-dirt entry road into the property was standing higher than the hood of my truck, but I plowed through without any trouble and left a cloud of goatweed “wool” (a hairy growth on the plant) floating in the air. This weed (and it truly is one!) can invade pasture land and choke out weaker grass root systems, resulting in a thick, widespread growth that is inedible to all livestock but goats. In addition to conventional herbicides, goats can be an effective control and eradication tool for goatweed and other unwanted weed species. Unlike horses and cattle, goats are predominately browsers whose diet subsists of 70% non-grassy species, so they don’t significantly compete with the livestock for grass.

After entering through the second gate into the property, I saw a herd of feral hogs run across the road about 10 yards ahead of me; it appeared to be a sow with her several piglets. These wild inhabitants of the rural south are one of the greatest natural threats to farm and ranch land, as well as a popular game sport for Texas hunters. With an estimated 2 million hogs in Texas alone (about 50% of their total US population) and the average sow giving birth twice a year to litters of 4 to 8 piglets, these omnivorous pests are invading rural land in large number to feed on agricultural grains, fruits, crops, grasses, roots, tubers, nuts, and more. Their need for protein also compels them to eat eggs, birds, reptiles, small mammals, and the young of wild mammals and livestock, and they will even cannibalize one of their own if a pig carcass is available! Because many of their food sources require them to root with their tusks and snouts as deep as 3 feet into the ground, they frequently plow up the soil across many acres of land, leaving a costly wreck for an angry farmer to deal with. Here are a few Texas viewpoints on the “pig problem” we face:

While showing the property, I had to cross a few hog-furrowed fields – quite a bumpy ride! They sure do leave their mark on a place. After finishing there, I drove back to Madisonville and stopped at the car wash to clean the goatweed wool out of my radiator… and then it was time to hang up my hat for the day and enjoy dinner with my wife!

To read more about feral hogs, you can view the online pamphlet “Feral Hogs in Texas” provided by the Texas Cooperative Extension, Wildlife Services Dept.

Do you have any feral hog stories or information to share? Please leave a comment on this post!