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Keep Your Credit!
August 23, 2010, 10:46 am
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You Can Keep Your Good Credit During This Recession – If You Know The Score – SOURCE: RISMedia

Follow the link above to read a few tips and reminders about retaining or improving your credit score* during tough economic times. It’s especially important for two groups of people: 1) Buyers seeking to qualify for financing, and 2) owners seeking to refinance. A credit score at or above 620 is essential in today’s loan market. If you’re not there yet, it’s a good time to start working toward that goal.

*A credit score is a measure of risk used by lenders to determine the amount of credit to make available to a particular person; it is based primarily on credit history, and it typically ranges from 300 (poor) to 850 (excellent). An individual who has a favorable history of repaying debt obligations (e.g. credit cards balances, home mortgage payments, car loans) in a timely manner consistent with the terms of repayment, is given a higher score than one who makes late payments or fails to pay each month’s balance in full.


Selling in Stages
July 19, 2010, 1:15 pm
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The task of selling your home or acreage should be planned and completed in several important stages. As your Realtor®, I will be your guide through each one. Together we will: Stage 1…(Click to read more)