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Closings, Marketing, and Networking

The weather this week has taken a refreshing turn toward autumn! It’s 4:45 p.m., and the current (low-humidity) temperature is 78 degrees. Yesterday was just as pleasant, so my wife and I spent the evening playing tennis with family at the local Madisonville high school tennis courts.

This month I’ve been coordinating several property closings, three of which will likely occur this week. Every closing can encounter last minute obstacles, but I try to avoid these surprises by accurately preparing the sales contract, guiding the buyer and seller through their contractual responsibilities, and working closely with all of the service providers involved in closing the deal. (That last part requires daily phone calls and e-mails!)

My time has also been spent building my online presence at Trulia.com and ActiveRain.com; both are important tools in my online marketing program. Trulia is a feature-filled site for marketing my listed properties, and ActiveRain has helped me connect with other real estate professionals. Networking with my associates in the industry gives me an additional source for news, insights, referrals, and advertising. I enjoy working with other experienced agents, and I encourage them to show my listed properties to their clients- because the sooner my listings are sold, the better for my clients!

I’ve updated my “Contact Info” page with links to a few social networking sites I use. Feel free to connect with me through these sites (listed below). Be sure to introduce yourself when you send a request!

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